CSC Task Force Charter

Revised and approved by CSC Task Force on 07/23/2020.


The Village of Lansing Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Task Force was established to evaluate the NYS CSC program action steps and to recommend what action steps would be beneficial and practical for the Village to implement. Task Force participants will assist with implementing approved action steps’ deliverables or artifacts.

Task Force-selected action steps and deliverables or artifacts created for those action steps must be approved by the Village of Lansing Board of Trustees before implementation and before submission to NYSERDA for review and approval.


  • Nominate members for the task force (maximum is seven members)
  • Invite liaison members from the Village, surrounding municipalities, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and from the Tompkins County Planning Department.
  • Evaluate NYS CSC action steps for their benefit to and implementation by the Village.
  • Propose the selected action steps for approval by the Village Board of Trustees.
  • Determine the internal and external resources needed to implement each action step.
  • Track and report the progress of each implemented action step to the Village government and to Village residents.
  • Maintain a physical and/or electronic repository of action-step artifacts.
  • Submit completed action-step artifacts to the NYS CSC for review, possible revision, and approval of the artifacts.
  • Develop and maintain a Village web presence for tracking and reporting implemented action steps.


  • This task force charter.
  • List of CSC action steps and their status related to the Village CSC program and task force.
  • Physical and/or electronic artifacts required for implemented CSC action steps.
  • Status reports to the Village Board of Trustees on a scheduled or as-needed basis.
  • Village CSC web page(s) with online, electronic artifacts and status-tracking information.


  • Ronny Hardaway, Task Force Chair and CSC Coordinator
  • Randy Smith, Trustee Representative
  • Simon Moll, Board of Zoning Appeals Representative
  • Up to four more member positions open. (Must be a Village resident.)


  • Mike Scott, Village Code Enforcement Officer
  • Lynn Leopold, Village Resident
  • Darby Kiley, Tompkins County Planning Department
  • Terry Carroll, Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Brian Joshua Toy, Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Katherine Herleman, Village Resident/CCE
  • Andrew Foster, Village Resident/CCE
  • Brian Shumon, Village Resident

Meeting Times

Third Thursday of each month from 6 to 8 PM in the Village Offices (2405 N. Triphammer Road) and/or by videoconference. Refer to the meeting calendar in the VOL CSC web page’s right sidebar area.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

  • Solicit agenda items from task force members before the meeting.
  • Prepare an agenda and distribute no less than 24 hours before the meeting.
  • Capture, review, and approve minutes from task force meetings.

Communication Channels

  • Email – agendas, meeting minutes, artifacts for review to members, liaisons, trustees, and clerk.
  • Web page – task force details, agendas, meeting minutes, artifacts, and status tracking
  • Trustees meetings – selected action steps for approval, action-step artifacts for approval, status reports.
  • NYS CSC – approved action-step artifacts submitted by CSC Coordinator for CSC review and approval.