SolarFarms Campaign

The Village of Lansing has entered a Clean Energy Partnership with Solar Farms New York (SFNY).  This partnership provides electricity discounts to Village residents, while simultaneously aiding the Village in its goals of becoming a registered Climate Smart Community (CSC) and a Clean Energy Community (CEC).

About SolarFarms New York

SFNY supplies solar-generated electricity, distributed through the NYSEG network by 30 solar farms located in New York state.  Currently, SFNY operates three solar farms in Tompkins County, so requested solar energy will be locally sourced.  Any Village resident who signs up for electricity service with SFNY will receive 5% off their NYSEG supply and delivery charges (not the service charge) on their NYSEG bill and a one-time $25 credit for using direct deposit.

Benefits to the Village

Through the partnership, the Village also receives $100 per new SFNY account, in addition to the benefit of furthering the Village’s goal of being a Climate Smart Community and a Clean Energy Community.  The CSC and CEC programs are administered by The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and being a registered community allows the Village to access grant funding to achieve further energy smart goals.

Village partnership information

Residents can access the Village partnership on the SFNY website at the following web address:

How to register

To register for community solar, the applicant needs the PoD ID number found on their NYSEG bill.  The step-by-step registration process is simple to follow and once registered, applicants will receive an email from SFNY detailing the timeline of becoming connected to a community solar farm.  From registering to being connected will take approximately three months, as the solar farm needs to accurately determine the applicant’s energy usage and ensure that it is generating adequate solar energy to service the applicant’s demands.

Currently, SFNY is undertaking a process to consolidate their bills with that of NYSEG and they anticipate that by August-September, 2021, all area residents will receive a single bill from NYSEG, with Solar credits applied, simplifying the billing process.

More information

All this information, and more, can be found on the SFNY website, or contact Trustee Simon Moll at

Go solar, Go local and Save!