2024 Improvements for Dart Drive and Graham Road

On March 14, 2024, the Village of Lansing awarded R.B. Robinson Contracting, Inc. a contract to implement the 2024 Utility and Sidewalk Improvements for Dart Drive, Graham Road, and Graham Road West.

The contracted work for all improvements is scheduled to be substantially complete on or before November 29, 2024 and will be completed on or before May 1, 2025.

The starting date for these projects is to be determined.

To view engineering drawings of the Dart Drive/Graham Road utility and sidewalk improvements click on the following link. Note that new streetlight installations are highlighted in yellow.


For the upcoming Dart Drive/Graham Road construction, the road will be shut down for through traffic but will be open to local residents and delivery vehicles during construction hours. This will expedite the project and reduce liability for all. 

Here are the planting/tree relocations, removals, and plantings planned for the upcoming Dart Drive/Graham Road Construction Projects.  The contractor would like to get to these in the next couple of weeks so that planting relocations have a better chance for transplanting success. The utility work is scheduled to begin the first week of June, but the contractor needs to get these planting/tree items done first.

The contractor will be allowed to send status emails to the Dart Drive Listserv, so subscribed residents can expect upcoming status emails.

Planting relocating:

  • 175 Graham Rd  – Lorna & Donald Burns
  • 165 Graham Rd  – Anja Serap Sipka
  • 157 Graham Rd  – Robert E Neigh
  • 2 Dart Drive  – Kevin & Devorah Kelvington
  • 60 Dart Drive  – Wayne Van
  • 62 Dart Drive  – Ying Chen and Zhao Huang
  • 36 Dart Drive  – Lach & Krouch Nher

Planting removal:

  • 18 Dart Drive  – Devault Feldman Sara Manli

Tree removal:

  • 52 Dart Drive  – Paul & Eileen Keating
  • 58 Dart Drive  – Lirong Wu
  • 11 Graham Rd

Tree planting:

  • 44 Dart Drive  – Monica Vencato & Simon Moll
  • 50 Dart Drive  – Gert Jensen
  • 52 Dart Drive  – Paul & Eileen Keating
  • 58 Dart Drive  – Lirong Wu
  • 11 Graham Rd
  • General Construction Award: The successful bidder was R.B. Robinson Contracting in the amount of $2,497,870.00.
  • Materials Award: The successful bidder was Core and Main of Binghamton, New York with a base bid amount of $257,432.11.
  • The projects will involve:
    • Installing approximately 3,750 linear feet of 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk,
    • Installing approximately 6,000 linear feet of water pipe,
    • Installing approximately 20 streetlights,
    • Removal of approximately 30,000 square feet of existing asphalt shoulder,
    • Installation of storm sewer piping and drainage inlets,
    • Modification and relocation of existing storm sewer area drains,
    • Removal and replacement of approximately 240 linear feet of existing 8” sanitary sewer main,
    • Placement and fine grading of topsoil,
    • Asphalt restoration,
    • Tree removal,
    • Removal and relocation of mailboxes,
    • Removal and relocation of street signs,
    • Landscape restoration,
    • Work zone traffic controls.