Village of Lansing Seeks A New Trustee

I am sad to report that Jeff Dobbin has resigned from the Village of Lansing Trustees due to health issues.

This leaves our Village with only four of five Trustee positions filled.  We are looking for a Village of Lansing resident to fill the remainder of Jeff’s trustee term that runs through April 30, 2024.  The trustee position can be filled by a mayoral appointment if made by February 9, 2023 and would run through April 30, 2023. Then, the appointee must go through the election process for a one-year term in the April 25, 2023 Village election.

The Board of Trustees meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7:30pm and the second Thursday following the first Monday meeting at noon to discuss, consider, and vote on village-related matters.  Trustees are also appointed to one or two community-focused committees to represent the Village in the committees’ plans and decisions.

Generally, the Board of Trustees manages village property, finances, and public works; provides good governance of the village to ensure the safety, health, comfort, and general welfare of village inhabitants; facilitates local commerce and building through our zoning laws; and preserves the village’s peace and good order. 

 If you are interested in becoming a trustee, please contact me for more information.

 Ronny Hardaway or 607-351-8042