Sanitary Sewer Access Notification

The Village of Lansing is having sanitary sewer investigations performed along the sanitary sewer mainline located on or adjacent to properties throughout the Village. These investigations will be performed by GHD Engineers, from Syracuse NY. Engineers performing the investigations will be in a one to two person crew, and will carry proper identification.

The purpose of the sanitary sewer investigation is to observe and document sewer manhole conditions, note any deficiencies and potential sources of surface water runoff that can enter the manhole. This investigation will help us assure sanitary sewer service remains reliable with sufficient capacity to serve your property.   

Field investigations will include entering the sewer easement areas to locate, access, and observe site conditions at sanitary sewer manholes and along sanitary sewer mainlines. Engineers will take notes and pictures of sewer easement areas as necessary to document findings during the investigations. No vehicle access, machinery or heavy equipment will be involved with these investigations.

Sewer Investigation work is planned to start August 29, 2022 and be performed throughout the remainder of the month of August and into the month of September 2022.

This notification is being provided to you as a courtesy and to make you aware of the easement access requirements and details of the sewer investigation work, so Engineers are not challenged during the investigation.   If you have any questions regarding the planned sewer investigation work, please contact the Village of Lansing Supt. of Public Works, John Courtney, at 607-280-4893 or email him at

Thank you for your cooperation with this investigation.